Azro Group

Established in 2010 as a specialist in Auto Spare parts supplier and proud distributor of Transgold products in Victoria!

Quality Products

At Azro Group we assume everyone shares our passion for quality products and using only the best for our cars. When it comes time to make decisions about what products to carry in our store we go by a pretty simple rule: "if we wouldn't be happy installing this part on our cars, why sell it to our clients?"


We source our parts from the best manufacturers all over the world in order to fulfil our promise of delivering parts that work first time and every time. This involves extensive research and vetting of all our suppliers most of whom must qualify for ISO: 9001 and TS: 16949 in order to supply Transgold with product.

Great Prices

We only offer the highest quality parts from the leading OEM suppliers, and display our best price for them to our clients.